Victron VE.Net 12/24/48V Battery Controller

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Identifying exactly how much energy is left in a battery is not easy. A voltmeter is useful but will only indicate that the battery is flat when it is too late. In order to keep an accurate record of what is stored in a battery it is necessary to keep account of all the factors that affect it and this is a complex matter. Once a reliable reading of the state of charge of the battery is available however, life starts to get an awful lot less complicated.

No more nasty surprises with batteries going flat unexpectedly and it becomes possible to manage batteries on fact rather than guess work. It is amazing how much power you can have with a little extra knowledge!
Standard information
- Battery voltage (V)
- Battery charge/discharge current (A)
- Consumed Ampere-hours (Ah)
- State of charge of the battery (%)
- Time to go (until the battery it flat at the present rate of
- Battery temperature